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It's a march. Starting this Saturday, May 17th in Los Angeles.

480 Miles. 37 Days. 1 Mission.

The corruption of big money in politics is complete. Plutocracy is here. It's time to move the millions of Americans who believe in the rule of "one person, one vote" to stand up and say: enough.

On May 17th, 2014, we will gather in Los Angeles and begin a 480 mile march over the mountains and valleys of California to the state capitol in Sacramento.

There we will deliver a simple demand to the leaders of our nation’s biggest state: publicly acknowledge the crisis of corruption and take immediate action to end it.

California March for Democracy

Unlike some who sneer at street demonstrations, I've always thought you took to the streets when you were serious – and that they only take you seriously when you do. So I'm anxious to see how this turns out, as I am convinced that this and actions like this are what it's going to take to break out of the inertia that has us trapped like rats while the oligarchs pick our bones.

Shockwave and Words In Action are involved, two of our finest and most committed kossacks, imho. I hope everybody who can will go and march with them. And I hope everyone else is paying attention because I think it's going to take a whole lot more of this before we break the logjam of corruption, injustice and inequality that plagues our nation. So if you are in or near LA, come out on Saturday and lend your voice and your being to the cause.

The following is from Words In Actions diary, If You Don't Like Money in Politics:

March for Democracy99Rise, 5/17-6/22, LA to Sacramento -- demand that CA legislature call for an Article V Convention to produce a get-money-out-of-politics political equality Constitutional Amendment.
The voices of the 99% don’t matter now: as long as this is true, our needs won’t count and real change won’t come. From the nationwide "march against corruption" protest (Lawrence Lessig), to the statewide New Hampshire Rebellion, to civil disobedience in the chamber of the Supreme Court itself (Kai Newkirk, 99Rise) -- more and more Americans are stepping-up to the plate for democracy everyday.
Dolores Heurta will be in the contingent when March for Democracy arrives in Sacramento. Lawrence Lessig & Rootstrikers, Noam Chomsky,  Wolf PAC (below) and many others have endorsed the March.

Shockwave, some other kossacks and I are involved in organizing and marching in this action. There are a lot of ways you, too can participate. More on that in a bit.

Wolf PAC -- Cenk Uygur -- Organizing to petition states to call for a an Article V Convention to end corporate personhood and publicly finance all elections in our country.

Here's the plan.

Near the turn of the 20th century the states wanted a direct election of senators, and Nebraska was the first state to call for an Article V. Convention in 1893.  By 1913 the movement had come within one state of reaching the necessary 2/3 threshold that would force a convention.  When it became clear to Congress that the 17th Amendment was going to happen one way or another they decided to preempt a convention  by passing it themselves.  The threat of a convention is the strongest message we can send and the most effective way to restore our democracy in the United States.  This can and must be done in a far shorter time period then it took for the 17th Amendment, then again, they didn't have the power of the internet and other technology we will be using in this battle.
Quite simply, you can sign the petition (72K) and get involved in organizing in your state, unless of course it is deep red...
I urge you to read WIA's diary and Shockwave's and get involved by taking direct action - the only thing that works.

Don't miss the party before the march if you can help it, and thank you for your kind attention.

Originally posted to One Pissed Off Liberal on Thu May 15, 2014 at 04:29 PM PDT.

Also republished by Los Angeles Kossacks, California politics, Hellraisers Journal, and Protest Music.

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